Archco Telescopic Pool Cover

Archco Telescopic Pool Cover

Custom Designed Telescopic Pool Cover

All enclosures are 100% custom designed and have a number of optional design features, including lateral sliding, hinged or lift up doors, as well as ventilating windows and other special features to meet client requirements and site capabilities.

We have endless design capabilities with low, medium, high and lean-to pool enclosures. Our retractable swimming pool enclosures have huge benefits if you have a swimming pool. You can swim any time of the day/night, year-round and still enjoy an outdoor pool when the weather permits, plus reduce 75% of ongoing maintenance and costs. Our pool enclosures will reduce heating and cleaning requirements, minimised water evaporation and chemical use, and maximise safety through controlled key entry and UV protection.

Our retractable lean-to pool enclosures and terrace enclosures feature one ground level track and one wall/overhead track – ideal for extending an outdoor area for your home or business.

Our swimming pool enclosures and terrace enclosures are the ideal alternative to a traditional indoor pool / permanent structure, extension, patio, cabana, sail or motorised, automated and multifunctional pool cover systems.

All of our enclosures are manufactured in Europe to ISO 9001 Quality Management standards and ISO 14001 Sustainability Management standards. Materials used include aluminium, UV protected polycarbonate, glass, stainless steel and rubber. The track system is a patented, low profile, ‘walk-on’ design.


Why Choose Us?

  • Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round Whatever the Weather
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Easily Open & Close Whenever You Want
  • Up to 10 Year Warranty
  • Extend Your Pool Usage for More Than 25 Year
  • Extra Barrier between the Water and Those You Love
  • Provides Protection from Damaging UV Light
  • Withstand a 900kg Distributed Load in a 1.5m Radius
  • Free Your Pool from Debris, Insects & Animals
  • Effective at Reducing Evaporation to save on Water and Chemicals
  • Excellent Ability to Reduce Heat Loss and Retain Heat

A material of Pool Enclosure

  • 100% Virgin Bayer Material 3mm Polycarbonate Solid Sheet
  • 2mm 063 Aluminum Frame

Automatic Openable Skylight

Skylight electric motor opener are Designed for heavy skylights with high quality. It can be controlled by a simple switch, or with our optional remote controls. The linear chain actuator pushes straight out from the fixed skylight frame.


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